Göteborg & friday fill-ins

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På gobybus från oslo till göteborg nu. Framme 10 i 9. Dödar lite tid med fill-ins från fridayfill-ins. Svaren är i parantesen, oh yeah såppas tråkigt har jag. 1. For the first time [since boyfriend and i moved in together we will be apart for more than 1 week, two weeks and two days, wish he could come with me.] 2. My recipe for [the lemoncurd cheesecake] is the best because [well, i surprised myself and hello...lemoncurd?] 3. [cyprus with baby] is my best summer memory so far. 4. I am happy [ to meet my family and friends soon] 5.[ Strawberries, watermelon & papaya] are my favourite fruits of the summer. 6.[ I could kiss my boyfriend] over and over again. 7.[ A big fat piece of chocolate cake. ]Is my favourite birthday dessert. 8. What represent happiness to me: [my family, friends and awesome boyfriend, holidays, the sun, a great movie that cant make me stop laugh, the ocean, englishman bay, smoke, a cold beer, kisses, to enjoy the nature on a long walk with someone that i like, money and chocolate.] 9. I knew it was love [the first minute i talked to him] 10. Hallelujah [ its only 70 mins until im "home"]


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